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Whether you are an individual who want to invest funds in right portfolio or a business that is looking for ways to save taxes and seeking help with accounts & legal, Finacbooks is a 360-degree solution to manage all your finances. aims to empower people with the access of right financial information at their fingertips and offering them ease for connecting with local money experts.

Single window service for all financial needs
Finacbooks provide a single window service for all financial needs starting from income tax filing, GST returns filing, company incorporation and other tax and legal services.
The platform acts as an e-Marketplace platform that connects financial experts with individuals & businesses.

Helping People Make Informed Decision:
Mutual Funds, SIPs etc could be hot buzzwords today, however, when it comes to investments, most of the people prefer traditional options like Fixed deposits as they consider them as safer options. is committed to educate people about new investment opportunities available in the market so that they can make an informed decision on investment.