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Criminal Psychologist Anuja Kapur delivers lecture on Criminal Psychology in Gargi College, New Delhi

Gargi College affiliated to University of Delhi invited Criminal Psychologist Mrs. Anuja Kapur for a special guest lecture for their students on Criminal Psychology. Faculty at Gargi College decided to organize a Guest lecture for their students so that they can be aware about the criminal psychology and apart from this struggles of the life and know about the real problems of the life.

Coming from a psychological and advocacy background, Mrs. Kapur also throws light on why students should know about their legal rights, how they can use them and they can also express their opinions on their rights. Apart from this, she also focused on how a layman sees the crime and what are the necessary steps which can be taken by the layman so that they can be less victimised and can protect themselves and their near and dear ones.

Mrs. Kapur concluded the session by saying, “Everyone has to go through lots of difficulties and problems in their respective lives but how we deal with the problems makes us the person who we are today. She feels that women have to be empowered because if the women are empowered she empowers whole nation. She also believes that, the success in women empowerment is only possible when we take the path of empowering a man too. Let us join hands in inventing new India where there is no gender and inequality. She also shared about few major setbacks of her life like being married at young age, problems with the family but she firmly believes that different personalities of human beings which make them what they are. This helps to identify their tendencies. She also gave some tips to female students as to how they can be successful in their own struggling path.”