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A cocktail party is a place which is meant for utmost enjoyment and fun for the guests but it is an arrangement must speak of the taste and the sophistication of the host. These are the two aspects that must be collaborated together while cocktail party decorations.

There are certain aspects that must be borne in mind while making the arrangements so that the final result comes out with an undisputable panache.

Colors – Unlike wedding backdrop decorations for cocktail parties must be a little more demure and down played. The element of elite sophistication is something that cannot be underplayed anyhow. Hence you must be careful while choosing the colors. This, however, does not mean that you make the ambiance dull and drab. Just stick to the theme of the party and choose the hues accordingly. Places such as TempleTree Leisure Bangalore, Royal Orchid Resort, The Ritz Carlton Bangalore, and The Sheraton Grand Hotel Bangalore are where you can get good quality flower decorators.

Flowers – Although flowers can be used beautifully for a cocktail party arrangement it must not be overdone such as those done for wedding decorations. Here you can use flowers sparingly so that a fresh and a beautiful ambiance are created for the guests and a natural fragrance endorses the ambiance of the party.

Seating Arrangement – This is one of the most important elements in a cocktail party. Remember this is an event where people come to socialize with each other; hence the seating arrangement is just as important as the flower decorations and the backdrop settings. Keep the chairs in groups and in arrangements of quadruplets and triplets, so that a group can sit together.

Space – Whether it is for mandap decoration or for cocktail party setup good and spacious place is imperative for both. You can go for stylish and spacious places like The ITC Windsor, The JW Marriot Hotel Bangalore, and The Royal Palace Bangalore. These are the spaces that are large and can offer you both open and closed spaces for your ideal setup.

Eating Arrangements – Irrespective of the type of party you are heading for, the arrangement of food is one of the most important aspects. The space that holds the food is also of equal importance and the layout that you see is also highly important. Hence choose a corner of the space to lay the food and be detailed in mentioning the menu. Choose pristine white to lay the table for your guest. For the benefit of your guests try to design two spate places for food outlay.

Entrance – The entrance to your cocktail party decorations is also very important. This is one of the most important spaces that prepares your guest and gives them a vague idea of what they can expect inside the party. Many underplay this region so that the guests are in for a great surprise.

The essence is keeping your guests guessing. Surprise them from time to time so that the whole affair remains to be an enjoyable one for all of them. Finally, keep a tap on the aspect of the budget. This is one of the most important criteria that must be fixed and set at the very onset of the event arrangements.

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