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Videos have been part of the television industry for many, many years now but with digitization globally, they have found a new home and it’s definitely your computers and the mobile. But the definition of videos has apparently transcended into a more branded term called explainers. Explainer videos are categorically educational videos that do not directly impose sales motivation behind their make. Businesses that need to explain their products, give some training material to users or spread their ideas to acceptance prefer explainer videos to various stakeholders.

Most written content fails the eye because it’s really boring to read some written instructions and you don’t want to invest energy into reading when visuals are already available on YouTube. Here, an explainer comes into effect.

The idea behind making a video is to present a simple written instruction into an effective manifestation of the idea that people want to visualize and accept.

How to do this?

By relaying a corporate explainer video!

An explainer video doesn’t just generate the impulse to educate the audience; it creates the audience and creates the experience of fulfillment, expectation and trust. After watching an explainer, people feel quite fulfilled and the chances of miscommunication is heavily reduced.

Explainer videos company can be of different kinds depending on your objective, purpose and budget. We have some well-known explainer types done and the most common amongst them are detailed here:

Screencast explainer Videos: This type of simple explainer video uses screenshots of your website’s homepage and different other pages to relay information in steps. It could also be from your mobile app screen to teach people in easy steps about what the business is all about. It’s quite easy to make screenshot video yourself and give it a voice. While you can do this, a professional touchup to this explainer can indeed invigorate life into it to highlight important features comfortably, introduce catchy phrases plus a suitable background music to make your explainer video look professional and attractive. It is a budget-friendly video.

Motion Graphic Explainer Videos: This is precisely a short video as it doesn’t need a character and focuses on the entirety of a theme. Thus it is a short video and is useful to cover a wide base of audience. It is very easy to make and fast on explaining your idea.

Motion graphic Videos with character: You can target a category of audience with character based motion videos. For a chocolate ad, a child actor can cover the story because it relates to the subject.

Live shoot: Videos that happen in real time without retake and are not stories. Examples are car racing, robbery etc. These are meant for news channels and reporters.

Animation Explainer video: There are simple yet light animation visuals that give you a sense of understanding about a concept in easy terms. Many digital marketing companies use these for product promotion.

There could be some videos which require a lot of money to create yet we also have plenty of explainer videos that anyone can afford. Because such videos are very effective in helping the audience connect with the brand and the content immediately, explainers are known for their potency. Animations can fill up the gap in an explainer to give it more color and creativity. You also have infographic videos or whiteboard animation videos but the one which suits your audience is a real video.