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Magnum Fitness Beach
United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 50 585 7062

Exercising in an outdoor environment provides people an opportunity to get physically fit. The body will adapt to an outside environment differently than to one that is inside. And instead of engaging in the same fitness routine time and again, the changing surface outside will help enhance their connective tissue and reduce the risk of injury.
There is scientific research to suggest that exercising outdoors is more beneficial than doing it inside a gym. Research seems to indicate that people who exercise outside are more revitalized and energized and have a positive aura about them, while decreasing feelings of tension, stress and depression. Exercisers also have greater enjoyment with outdoor activity.
Additionally, wind resistance enables to burn more calories. When exercising outside the wind is a natural resistance, and in order to overcome this resistance more energy will need to be used up. It will also help the exerciser to move quicker and activate muscle fibers that increase strength and definition.

The Magnum fitness beach is an innovative and well thought out fitness center that offers long-term fitness solutions. Temporary weight loss solutions are no longer sufficient. And this is exactly what Magnum focuses on. It is the primary reason the fitness center believes that the MMA gym in Dubai the best spot to do fitness with a difference.
Magnum offers an on-site fitness trainer in Dubai. Exercisers can opt for group classes or individual training. The fitness instructor will provide guidance on the correct ways to use the fitness equipment. The center also offers aqua gym, yoga classes, Muay Thai and self-defense classes.

Magnum Fitness head instructor notes, “We want to make exercising outdoors affordable for everyone and for them to be able to engage in physical activity out of doors. We believe that physical activity done outdoors is highly beneficial to achieving fitness and weight loss goals.”

About Us
Magnum Fitness Beach is a fantastic fitness center located on Kite Beach in Dubai offering a variety of physical activities for people of all ages, all styles and all body types. Promoting long-term fitness solution and healthy lifestyle, we believe that an outdoor gym will help make a difference to your physical and emotional well-being. To participate in group classes, personal training, combat and cage fighting, get in touch with us today on