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BC Industrial Services, LLC, elevates the level of service provided by their clients by employing a signature six-part route-service guarantee. 

[VENTURA, 8/24/2018]—BC Industrial Services, LLC, a company that caters to the sanitation equipment needs of organizations in the healthcare and hospitality industries, uses a signature six-part route-service guarantee that helps clients provide a higher degree of cleanliness.

Six-Part Route-Service 

BC Industrial Services, LLC helps clients achieve higher levels of satisfaction with their six-part Route-Service Guarantee.

The Route-Service Guarantee incorporates the following elements:

• Hygienically Clean – Under the Quality Check Clean Assurance Guarantee, BC Industrial Services, LLC’s highly trained  expert technicians conduct monthly preventive maintenance. They test the potency of chemical formulations and the performance of sanitation equipment systems to ensure they pass One-Pass-Cleaning Performance.

• Training – BCI conducts on-site training to supervisors to assist them in guiding employees on the various aspects of chemical safety as well as proper cleaning and sanitation practices. Refresher courses for supervisors are also available upon request.

• Maintain – On scheduled calls, a BCI technician checks the overall performance of sanitation equipment and the cleaning practices of all pertinent departments. Other cleaning and sanitizing facets will also be checked for proper condition and operation to ensure performance reliability.

• Enhance Image – A high degree of cleanliness significantly contributes to guest satisfaction as well as brand perception and loyalty. BC Industrial Services, LLC helps uphold a positive brand image by providing state-of-the-art equipment and comprehensive services to ensure clean facilities, sparkling tableware, and bright white linens.

• 24/7 Service – Representatives respond to calls within 30 minutes and make sure a technician arrives at the location in less than two hours following dispatch.

• Increase Revenue – BC Industrial Services, LLC is dedicated to helping our customers maximize return business and control costs through customized cleaning solutions, proven chemical formulations and proper setup, installation and service needs. In addition, we also offer corporate rebate programs.

About BC Industrial Services, LLC

BC Industrial Services, LLC specializes in kitchen, laundry, and housekeeping cleaning solutions for clients in the healthcare and hospitality industries. On top of sophisticated equipment, BCI provides industry-leading cleaning products and expert support services to promote effective and cost-efficient sanitation solutions.

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