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Shanghai, China, August 16, 2018: Shanghai Nuodi Law Firm is a highly reputed law firm based in Shanghai that has been offering top notch legal solutions to its customers for more than a decade. The Nuo Di Law firm was founded in 2007 and ever since then this Shanghai law firm has offered comprehensive legal solutions for all kinds of foreign individuals. The law firm was established by a professional group of skilled and experienced lawyers who were dedicated to enhance the quality of the law services that are found in China.

Nuo Di has got Chinese lawyer professionals who have got great legal education to begin with. They have also got excellent work background that makes it possible for them to take up different types of complex cases. Most lawyers working with Shanghai Nuodi Law Firm are graduated from well known and prestigious universities, such as Peking University and CUPL, and there are also professionals who have studied in overseas law schools in USA, Singapore and Japan. The lawyers working with Shanghai Nuodi Law Firm are well versed and fluent in English, Japanese, Mandarin and Mongolian. This makes them highly efficient to manage the legal cases of clients from all parts of the world who come to China for their own purposes.

The Chinese law firm has got more than 10 years of legal experience. The company regularly manages different types of cases such as labor dispute, individual investment, marriage and family law cases, estate dispute, foreign inheritance and will, enforcement and recognition of foreign judgment as well as award, civil & criminal litigation and resolution, as well as other types of cases. This has made Shanghai Nuodi Law Firm one of the most trusted providers of efficient legal solutions in China. The company is dedicated to present with professional solutions that are not only efficient but also world class which can provide the peace of mind that their clients look for. It is therefore no wonder that a Chinese divorce lawyer from Shanghai Nuodi Law Firm is always in high demand.

The company always maintains strong ties and good relations with the Shanghai government, notary organizations, regulation and supervision organizations and translation companies who are associated with legal practices in this part of the world. The best thing about choosing the lawyers from Shanghai Nuodi Law Firm is that their expert services can be availed at the most affordable prices which means people from all walks of life can benefit from their legal support.

About Shanghai Nuodi Law Firm
Shanghai Nuodi Law Firm is a highly reputed legal services organization based in Shanghai. They are known to offer an extensive range of legal solutions that can help clients in a number of important ways. It is for this reason their services are always regarded with great importance.

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Company Name: Shanghai Nuodi Law Firm
Address: 32/F, Federation of Industry Building,
No.55 East Yan’an Road,
Shanghai, P.R.C.
Phone: +86-21-53085022
Fax: +86-21-53082933