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It is common knowledge that makeup makes a big difference to a person’s facial appearance. What is more, sleek and sophisticated makeup matters. No one wants to see makeup smudges all over the face of a modern, working woman.
An everyday dilemma that modern women often face is that applying makeup is time consuming and an inconvenience. It needs to be precise, look sleek and appear sophisticated. At the same time, working women are heavily weighed down by countless commitments. How can a makeup routine fit into a daily schedule? What every modern woman needs is a long-term makeup solution which can be met by semi-permanent makeup in Dubai.

When having to apply and reapply makeup and repeat the process a number of times in a day, it can take a lot of time and energy. Most women can do without this kind of hassle. What any modern woman needs is to make their life easier, and with fewer unimportant commitments.

Semi-permanent makeup in Dubai offers the perfect solution. It is a phenomenal treatment method that has taken the beauty industry by storm and is fast becoming artistry all on its own. Many women find makeup a real chore, and take no pleasure in doing it. The Head of Browz notes, “If this is you, you should know semi-permanent makeup will ease your troubles and make life that much more interesting, especially when you have the time to focus on other things instead of applying your makeup all day, every day”.

Semi-permanent makeup achieves a youthful and rejuvenated appearance. It is good to note that semi-permanent makeup is not just for the modern, working woman, but it is also for women who would like to cover up scarring, small deformities and asymmetry. In addition, people who are sensitive to cosmetic products and suffer allergies will find semi- permanent makeup an effective and viable solution.

The Head of Browz further notes, “Semi permanent makeup makes you look beautiful, and this is the absolute simple truth. It enhances your appearance and defines your facial features. And it is a long term makeup solution. Imagine not having to wake up every morning and worry about your makeup routine?”

About Us
Browz brings UK’s most talked about treatment from 3D semi-permanent makeup, high definition brows and microblading to the U.A.E. We have a team of passionate and award-winning brow experts that will flatter and flaunt your features. Become a brand new, more beautiful you! For more information, visit our website on