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Annandale, Virginia (webnewswire) August 11, 2018 – The Maryland fill dirt contractors at Dirt Connections recently published a blog post explaining how land grading and fill dirt are used in construction projects. Land grading, or making the ground level or sloped for various construction purposes, is essential to completing construction projects properly.

Before a residential construction project can begin, the site must be prepared for the project. First, the site must be cleared of any trees, underground infrastructure, and other potential blockages. Once the ground is cleared, it can be graded. Grading can create a smooth surface on which to place a foundation, or it can be used to slope the land away from the construction site to provide drainage and maintain the foundation. A surveyor will then analyze the site and denote the boundaries of the structure being built with physical guideposts to help contractors build at the proper horizontal and vertical locations. The building plan may be modified based on the surveyor’s findings and research on the soil composition, which may affect the type of structure that can be built. After these steps are completed, the project is ready to begin.

Maryland fill dirt can make the grading portion of site preparation easier. Depending on where in the state your project is taking place, you may be dealing with hilly land that can be leveled with fill dirt to create a solid foundation for your project. Sloping land properly is especially important during the summer months, when construction projects typically take place, as thunderstorms may cause flooding and could otherwise damage your project. Maryland fill dirt can be used in either situation to keep your project on track.

Contact a Maryland fill dirt contractor for more information or to schedule residential dirt grading work. Dirt Connections has 30 years of experience in completing construction projects in the Maryland and Northern Virginia area. The firm completes a variety of projects, including pool removal and home construction, and provides a free estimate for each one. Dirt Connections also provides free fill dirt for all types of projects. The firm can be contacted at 703-940-9949 or online at Dirt Connections is headquartered at 11325 Random Hills Road, Suite 360-A211, Fairfax, VA 22030.