Certification of the F6-GMC900 according to VPAM VR9 / BRV 2009

For over 30 years, WELP Group has been implementing projects successfully for the automotive industry and is one of the leading manufacturers of armoured vehicles today in the fields of development and manufacture. WELP develop and produce customised and armoured vehicles to the very highest automotive production standards and the highest ballistic levels. The certified bulletproof portfolio for sales includes SUVs, pick-ups, transporter vans and commercial vehicles for every conceivable mission throughout the world.

The armoured vehicles are backed up with a customer service, technical training courses, driver training, and spare parts supplies directly at the place of deployment.

As an addition to the present and broad product portfolio, a new armoured vehicle based on GMC Yukon XL Denali is now available at the WELP Group. The F6-GMC900 is extremely large-scale and robust offering lots of space for cargo or transportation of passengers. Furthermore it impresses with its luxury interiors and highly premium features making it the ideal vehicle for VIP transports.
This vehicle was displayed at the leading European defence and security exhibition “Eurosatory” in Paris this year. The exhibition is hosted by the French Ministry of Defense and attracts a large audience of delegates, authorities and military representatives in the curse of two years. In particular, the F6-GMC900, based on the GMC Yukon XL Denali, which was an essential element of our exhibition stand, was very well received by the trade fair visitors
It is designed to withstand various threats ranging from machine gun shots to several explosives. To prove that, the armoured F6-GMC900 was tested and approved under stringent conditions by the German Beschussamt Mellrichstadt (German ballistic testing agency) and is now certified according to VPAM VR9 / BRV2009 guidelines.

At close range and accurate to the millimeter, several gunshots of the caliber 7.62 x 51 mm (hard-scope-HC) have been fired at the vehicle at a speed of 820 m/s +- 10. The successful ballistic certification according to VPAM BRV yet again proves and demonstrates the high quality standards to which the WELP Group is committed to.

In addition to the ballistic test, our armoured vehicle has also proved its reliability against DM51 hand grenades, of which two grenades were detonated simultaneously beneath the vehicle in accordance with the ERV 2010 guideline.

Only vehicles that can withstand these extreme scenarios are awarded with VPAM VR9 / BRV2009 and ERV2010 certificates. Hence the F6-GMC900 lines up along with the equally successful product portfolio of WELP Group and is now available at your request.

The armoured GMC has already been inquired many times and is now part of a large volume order involving nations of the Gulf Cooperation Council.