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Moscow, Russian Federation — 9 August 2018 — Odd Days Store has been created with the objective of popularizing the skate culture for today’s teenagers. Running on a deck gives a sense of freedom and performing every trick in the book will earn the skater an unique status inside of the community. One of the most popular brands these days is the ripndip and many youngsters are seeking it for the original design, high quality of the fabrics and also just because it’s ever so popular.

There is no real skating without a proper skateboard and one can be bought with just one click from the Odd Days Store right now. One of the best things that is associated with this store is that the items are shipping fast, on the same day of the order and they will arrive on the client’s doorstep as soon as the mail service can deliver the package. A proper skateshop takes care of the clients and is in the unique position as to recommend just the best items for the people that are interested.

RipnDip is the line of the most popular products that are currently featured on the main page of the site. It has been established that these t-shirts and backpacks are in fashion and every teenager out there would love one as a present. This is the perfect place for the parents that want to surprise their kids with a new skateboard or some fancy clothes that they would want to show off to their peers. Any parents should check out this store at this point in time because that’s what is hot these days and the child will love it.

This skateshop has been rated highly in the online community and has a huge rating. Such is the reason how so many people want to tackle these extreme sports. Roller blading and skating have been always in the top of the charts but now they are just going over. Combining a great deck with the ripndip will make you look the coolest on the block and this is why the brand is worth every invested cent into it. A good skateboard is hard to find but when the store is giving you a helping hand then there is no doubt that getting this deck would be the best choice of the season.

Company: Odd Days
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Phone: +7 495 211 00 35
Address: Москва, Столешников переулок 11 2 этаж, 241