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The stationary bike is also called as exercise bicycle used for exercise and physical therapy as it is safe and effective for cardiovascular exercise and is considers as a minimal impact workout device. Furthermore, it is an equipment that allows an individual to exercise by cycling in place. Stationary bike Instead of moving remain secured in place as the operator cycles the pedals. There are diverse types of exercise bikes available, some of which have handlebars connected to the pedal, allowing the operator to exercise both his and her legs and upper body.
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The Stationary bikes market is primarily driven by factors such as increasing disposable income, significant shift of consumers toward healthy lifestyle and increasing rate of obesity globally. Additionally, rising perveance of diabetes and cardiac diseases coupled with increasing health awareness leading to increasing number of health clubs/gyms numbers further boost the stationary bike market during the forecast period. However, lack of research and development (R&D) facilities and poor after sales services provided are the major factors hindering the growth of the market.
The global stationary bike market is bifurcated into premium exercise bike and budgeted exercise bike. The budgeted exercise bike segment is anticipated to grow at a faster pace during the forecast period due to its low prices and increasing demand from developing countries.
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The report analyses the global stationary bike market by types into upright exercise bike, recumbent exercise bike and others. Others including dual action stationary bike and indoor bike etc. The recumbent exercise bike segment dominates the market and accounted for the largest share in 2017. Factors such as increasing demand of recumbents exercise bikes in gyms and fitness clubs. Furthermore, these bikes are very feasible for home/ individual users.
The market size is estimated and forecasted by utilizing fundamental inputs gathered from comprehensive data extraction from both free and paid sources which are further validated by primary interviews and various macro-economic factors which affects the market. Market data extraction was not limited to stationary bicycle market but also includes information related to various markets which affects or influences the relative growth of the market. Free sources like association, standardization institutions and key company websites, annual reports, journals, etc. were used for data extraction. Likewise, paid sources such as Factiva, Bloomberg, One Source etc. were also used.

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