Talbot, Kruё-Rowe & Hill Private Wealth Advisory acquires QRC – London based/FCA regulated CFA

Talbot, Kruё-Rowe & Hill Private Wealth Advisory is excited to announce that as part of a global expansion, we have acquired QRC LONDON – a professional London based and regulated CFD CFA and spread-betting broker with superior technology for individual and institutional clients.

Tor Erikson – Director of Global Strategies, Talbot, Kruё-Rowe & Hill Private Wealth Advisory

“The acquisition of QRC is an exciting new chapter for the TKRH brand. Our group will use this opportunity to further grow our global footprint in the European region.
We understand that in the competitive market of forex trading, credibility is key to successful expansion and long-term business continuity. With European regulated subsidiaries, our group is well positioned to meet the global clientele’s expectations. Our plan is to re-brand ‘QRC’ as TKRH and become one of the leading financial advisory providers in European region.”

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Talbot Krue Rowe and Hill Private Wealth Advisory is having a proud history of identifying and partnering with quality boutique asset managers, offering high-grade investment solutions to institutions, financial advisers and direct investors. Our team provides a full suite of corporate services, including distribution, marketing, compliance, finance, HR, technology and administrative support.

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Director of Public Relations for TKRH

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