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REMANn supplies re-manufactured ICT products at low price in the era of information and social network in order for anyone to access and utilize the information easily. We produce and sell re-manufactured computer equipped with appropriate function through refurbishing and upgrade of used computer. We protect environment through re-circulation of natural resource and contribute to digital divide. REMANn Co. will become global social enterprise that increases efficient circulation of natural resources and social value through professional re-generating and re-manufacturing continuously.


This service is needed when storing returned equipment temporarily at the time of replacement with new equipment or when equipment replacement occurs continuously. When time and space for equipment storage is not regular, fixed cost occurs if you rent warehouse and manpower is needed to control equipment. REMANn Co. provide space and management solution for efficient management of IT equipment to customer. We provide IT equipment storage and management service reflecting this kind of request of the company. Relocate IT assets in Korea
Why need?
Uncertainty of Time and Space: It is not easy to secure space for temporary storage at the time of IT equipment replacement. If you rent separate warehouse for a long time, manpower is needed to manage warehouse as well as waste of space.

Inefficiency of Management: Manpower and equipment should be secured to collect and store returned IT equipment after replacement, and to make list. However, this kind of work is the waste of time and manpower if it is not main job of customer.

The advantages to your business
Cost Saving: You can secure desired space at necessary point of time, and you just pay relevant cost only.

Efficient Asset Management: We provide final asset list by handling all processes such as collection, test, data erasing, etc. of returned equipment in a lump. Customer can trace all assets through web system and know the result after selling them.

Fast Asset Sales: The equipment that completed all processes from collection to storage cam be sold through global sales network of REMANn at competitive price.

REMANn Co. provide competitive service and procurement value to the customer. Re-marketing service aims to maximize IT asset warehousing management in Korea value of your company and we provide all necessary courses in a lump. We have major distribution companies, dealer and global network for used equipment, and we can maximize asset value with competitive condition through this.