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Nylon is one of the most popular and widely used engineering thermoplastic materials. It is cost-effective and it has excellent mechanical properties. The most common and extensively used Nylon grades are Nylon 66 and Nylon 6. Both these materials have similar properties; therefore, they can be used in place of each other. These materials have good mechanical properties and similar wear resistance. However, Nylon 66 has higher temperature resistance than Nylon 6, which makes the former a preferred material of choice for high-temperature applications.

Nylon 66 is also known as polyamide 66, PA 66, Nylon 6,6, or Nylon 6/6. It is synthesized from poly-condensation of the aqueous salt of hexa methylene diamine (HMDA) and adipic acid (ADN). Industrially, HMDA is produced from either butadiene or propylene. Adipic acid is derived through a number of syntheses which begin with benzene.

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New Nylon 66 manufacturing plants have been established in China. China plans to expand its overall capacity as a result of sudden increase in the demand from automotive and industrial apparels sector. Major manufacturers of raw materials from Europe such as BASF SE and INVISTA are establishing new Nylon 66 compounding plants in China. DuPont increased its production capacity for Nylon 66 and Nylon 6 by 20% in 2016.

North America dominated the global Nylon 66 market, holding more than 40% share in 2017. It was followed by Asia Pacific and Europe. The U.S. constituted a key share of the Nylon 66 market, in terms of volume and revenue, in 2017. It is likely to continue to dominate the market across all regions during the forecast period. Presence of leading manufacturers of Nylon 66 and Nylon 6 and increase in the demand for lightweight and high-temperature-resistant engineering plastics for use in automotive and electrical & electronics applications are driving the demand for Nylon 66 in the U.S. The Nylon 66 markets in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific are expected to expand at a high CAGR during the forecast period. The markets in Latin America and Middle East & Africa are projected to expand at a sluggish pace during the forecast period.

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Key players operating in this market include BASF SE, UBE INDUSTRIES, Ltd., Ascend Performance Materials, LANXESS, Ensinger, RadiciGroup, Royal DSM, Asahi Kasei Corporation, DowDuPont, EMS-GRIVORY, and CELANESE CORPORATION. Market players are focused on strategic acquisitions and mergers and partnerships for relocation and consolidation of supply chains for Nylon 66. In 2015, Royal DSM secured the global supply for its engineering plastic division through long-term delivery contracts with Chemicalnavest. Ascend Performance Materials, a U.S.-based Nylon 66 manufacturer, entered into a strategic partnership with Royal DSM in 2016.