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Elisiontec has made an announcement of the launch of their Multilingual Text to Speech (TTS) solution. The TTS solution is available as software that can be used independently as a complete solution to convert a typed text into a voice prompt. This TTS solution will come with an easy to use graphical user interface to assure the usage of it can be smoother for its users. This TTS solution is also available in the form of the API (Application Programming Interface). This API can be integrated within any other software, mobile app or web app. Once the API of Text to Speech solution is integrated, it can be used as an integral part of that application or solution.

“Text to speech can be used in many solutions to speed up various tasks. There are many companies that are using paid services of various text to speech service providers. This is an expensive approach as they need to pay a fee every month based without getting its ownership. By buying a TTS solution, the companies can eliminate this overhead. All they need to do is pay a one time fee to get the TTS solution and use it for a lifetime. There are no additional charges on the usage or anything else. Also, they can buy an API and use it. This can save a lot of money for a company as well as it opens many business opportunities because once the company buys the Text to Speech solution, they can use it to develop multiple software with the TTS feature.”, shared spokesperson of Elisiontec.

According to the shared details, the company will also provide setup and installation services so its clients can use all features of this multilingual TTS solution at its best. This Text to Speech solution supports both, cloud based and native solutions and applications.

The offered multilingual Text to Speech solution supports 55 different languages all across the world and it has 100 different types of voice support. The TTS solution also offers dictionary support.

“We can say our TTS solution is one of the most advanced Text to Speech solution with 50+ international languages and natural voice tones. Also, we offer round the clock support services to our clients.”, shared spokesperson of the company.

According to the shared details the company has different packages to offer this multilingual TTS solution based on the selected number of languages and types of solution. The company also offers text to speech services to its clients.

The company has also added a new webpage to provide more details about this multilingual text to speech solution.

About Elisiontec

Elision Technolab LLP, more commonly known as Elisiontec, is a leading IT company based out of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The company offers best-in-the-industry VoIP solutions. The multilingual TTS solution is recently launched solution of the company. More details can be accessed about it here