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Abu Dhabi, Dubai (July 01, 2018) – Al Badie Group with the management team has made a mark that can never be removed from the business arena of Abu Dhabi and the entire Dubai. The group now has plans to foray into the ever-developing real estate sector in India.

The Vice President of the group Mr. Khaled Al Badie expressed his desire to get into the real estate sector in India. To do this, the group is looking for joint venture partners with experience in the real estate arena in India. This news was released by the VP of the group in a meeting recently.

He also expressed that ABG has been closely watching the booming real estate market in India and so he expressed his desire to foray into the market by entering into an agreement with one of the real estate companies in India with extensive market knowledge.

The group has already started talking with the bank in UAE that has an association with Indian operators. They do this with a view of finding prospective partners to get into the real estate arena in India.

About Al Badie Group:
Al Badie Group has made a great mark in the business arena in Abu Dhabi. They have business operations in different sectors that include real estate as well.

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