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Ensuring years of long-term use, Scissor Tech offers a lifetime warranty for their range of Matsui thinning scissors. Each product is made from durable Japanese stainless steel.

[UNITED KINGDOM, 18/07/2018] – Scissor Tech, a trusted online seller of professional hairdressing scissors and shears, offers a lifetime warranty for all its Matsui brand thinning scissors. Matsui have a reputation for providing fashionable products with comfortable, ergonomic designs.

Lifetime Warranty for High-Quality Products

As a certified national wholesaler, Scissor Tech carries a range of professional hairdressing thinning scissors from renowned brand Matsui. With over 20 years of designing and manufacturing hairdressing scissors, Matsui guarantees that each product is made with high-quality parts and is free of faulty workmanship.

Matsui scissors are crafted by hand and made of high-quality Japanese stainless steel to deliver excellent durability and a quality cut. The colouring of each product is also covered under the manufacturing warranty to guarantee resistance to fading or scratching.

All other products, such as pouches, cases and other accessories, come with a warranty of 30 days.

Matsui’s Professional Hairdressing Thinners

One of the thinning scissors in the Matsui range is their Matte Black Offset Thinner. It is a 15.24-centimetre, 40-tooth thinning scissor with an attractive matte finish. It has an offset handle that allows an ergonomically comfortable grip. The scissor’s teeth are made from hardened steel with a superior hollow ground design that provides a smooth closing mechanism.

Another Matsui product from Scissor Tech’s catalogue is the Lefty Matsui Offset Thinner designed for left-handed hair dressers. Like the Matte Black Offset Thinner, these lefty scissors also have a superior hollow ground feature for soft closing.

About Scissor Tech

Since 1998, Scissor Tech has sold professional hairdressing scissors and shears to local and international barbers and hair dressers. The company’s exclusively online operations allow them to offer high-quality products at lower prices compared to physical retail stores – providing the savings in overhead costs to their customers.

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