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Get In Shape For Women, in partnership with Kettlebell Kitchen, integrates a comprehensive meal plan that facilitates healthy weight management.

(NATICK, 07/13/2018) – Get In Shape For Women (GISFW) and Kettlebell Kitchen work together to provide nutrition plans for every weight management goal. Nutrition plans include low-calorie meals that help with fat loss or weight management and meal plans that promote sustainable eating habits.

Tailored Nutrition Plans

GISFW recognizes that women’s bodies work differently, and every client has a different goal. The personal training studio’s partnership with Kettlebell Kitchen, a NYC-based meal service, aims to cater to the varying nutrition needs of women, regardless of body type or fitness and weight goals.

A professional trainer and nutritionist from GISFW works with the client in mapping out their meals and calories throughout the week. The client is involved in the creation of the programs to make sure the meal plan includes food and snacks that appeal to the eater’s palate while staying true to the recommendable amount or calorie intake. Kettlebell Kitchen, then, delivers the meals to the client’s doorstep.

Kettlebell Kitchen is a meal service designed by nutritionists and prepared by chefs who specialize in preparing fresh Paleo and Zone meals.

Integrating Vital Components

Proper nutrition is just one part of GISFW’s weight management program. The personal training studio integrates three other components into their proven-and-tested program to ensure its effectiveness and sustainability. The three other integral components of GISFW’s program include weight training, cardio, nutrition, and accountability.

Interested parties may also sign up for the studio’s 7-Day Weight Loss Challenge. The personal training studio operates in several locations across the state.

About Get In Shape For Women

Get In Shape For Women is a small personal training group centered on empowering women through body transformation. To achieve long-term change, the organization facilitates the shift to a healthier lifestyle through a proprietary four-component training program that integrates muscle training, cardiovascular training, and nutrition lessons. They keep their clients’ accountability in check to help participants stay committed to the program and their goals.

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