High-Quality GPS and GNSS Products for Commercial Use Available with CAST

An industry leader for over 35 years, CAST provides world-class GPS and GNSS simulation systems that help the operations of military and government facilities. With the need for GPS for different industries, its products will surely be beneficial to commercial sectors.

[TEWKSBURY, 7/12/2018] – Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) are important in military and government technologies. To calibrate and tune their equipment for maximum accuracy, having a GPS and GNSS simulator is necessary for their operations. For this, they turn to companies such as CAST, which provides world-class simulation products.

However, with the development of commercial technology, products available to the public also need simulators for tuning GPS and GNSS features. CAST, following its reputation of providing reliable products and services to the military, taps into the commercial market to cater to different industries.

World-Class Products

For over 35 years, CAST has been an industry leader for GPS and GNSS simulators for the military, government, and commercial establishments. Its products simulate different GPS and GNSS situations for equipment. Thus, engineers testing a product’s GPS or GNSS features do not have to move around to produce the same results. Some of its products include:

• GPS Wavefront Generator
• Embedded GPS/INS (EGI) Integration & Diagnostic Test Systems
• GNSS Satellite Simulators
• Simulator Support Tools

Upgrades & Services

Beyond its products, CAST offers upgrades and other services that improve clients’ experience. Clients interested in upgrading their CAST configuration may ask the company’s engineers to include the following features:

• Anti-Jam Testing
• Real-Time Hardware in the Loop
• Additional SVs
• P(Y) Code
• SBAS Simulation
• Terrain Obscuration Program
• M-Code
• L2C
• L5

CAST’s engineers also provide services for customization. Each system has a one-year warranty that covers both hardware and software. After the first year, clients can extend their warranty for maintenance to avoid downtime and increase productivity.

The company’s engineers also provide comprehensive training for its products. They teach their clients how to use their simulators best to provide them excellent experience when running the products for their business.

About CAST

CAST is the leading provider of GPS and GNSS simulation systems for government entities, commercial establishments, and the military. Its portfolio of products includes world-class systems honed by engineers to assist its clients with testing, simulation, and other uses. CAST also provides full-service training, upgrade, maintenance, and repair services for its technology and products.

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