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It is common that most of the companies rely on the recruitment agencies to fill their job vacancies. This is surely an expensive option as they need to pay a hefty fee to the recruitment agencies and should also compromise with the profiles sent by them. Instead, the small and medium companies can now directly find the right talent to fill their job positions on the online job portals. Yes, Anekh Jobs is one job portal that offers a common platform for both the employers as well as the aspirants who are looking for jobs to meet their interests. The employers can simply register on the portal which offers free job posting so that their job specifications reach out to thousands of freelancers looking out for work. Free job posting means the employers need not pay any charges to the portal for listing their jobs and can also browse the profiles available on the portal to find out if there any candidates who meet their job specification. Above that the employers can receive bids from the freelancers who are interested in their job to shortlist those few and award the job to the best freelancer to get their work done.

Similarly, those who are looking for jobs can find freelance jobs on the portal to apply and forward their bids for the project. The portal offers a wonderful platform for the freelancers to directly find projects of their interest and bid to the projects, upload their portfolio, receive their project notifications, discuss project details with the employer and many more from the same platform. The employers can award the project and then can have direct contact with the freelancer to discuss details and speed up the project. However, the payments should be made using the portals milestone payment system where the employer need to deposit the service charges to the freelancer and the portal shall take the responsibility of releasing the amount once the project is done to the satisfaction of the employer. In this manner there is no chance for any disputes between the employer and the freelancer. The portal don’t charge any fee for the services but the freelancer has to pay 5% of the amount towards transferring the fund into their private bank account.

The Anekh Jobs help the employers to find the right talent to fill in their job positions while the freelancers can find the best opportunities on the portal to bid for the projects.

Anekh Job is the most popular job posting site in the world. Here you can post a free job and hire expert at nominal prices. We have 10000 + jobs and 700 above experienced freelancers. We also find best talent people who agreed to work on payment after delivery terms. Want to post job online.

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