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Businesses requiring custom metal for their project would need a reliable metal fabrication company. Fortunately, they need not look far, as Advantage Manufacturing Ltd. supplies the fabricated material.

[Drayton Valley, 07/12/2018] — Advantage Manufacturing Ltd., a leading welding company in Alberta, makes fabricated steel and other types of metal for businesses. Clients can trust the company to deliver the fabricated product they want, as it puts a high premium on customer service and quality. It does its fabrication work at its steel and aluminum CWB-certified shop.

Working with Various Types of Metal

Advantage Manufacturing Ltd. fabricates four types of metals, all of which have the right qualities for manufacturing, building projects, producing vehicles, and other purposes. These metals include:

• Stainless Steel – This widely popular metal boasts of excellent features, such as high resistance to elements and low maintenance. The company fabricates stainless steel for clients who have the budget for this option.
• Plate Steel –Depending on the processing, businesses can use this type of steel as a repair material or an OEM component. They can rely on the company to produce plate steel in various thicknesses and lengths.
• Carbon Sheet and Carbon Plate– This metal works great as a production material for vessels, ductworks, storage tanks, and other applications. Clients can trust the company to provide a steady source of carbon sheets and plates.
• Aluminum–The natural characteristics of aluminum make the metal affordable, pliable, and easy to process. When used properly, it can serve as a suitable car and construction material. The company fabricates aluminum easily and produces complex designs with this metal.

Providing Excellent Customer Service for Custom Steel Manufacturing

Clients will find it easy working with the team of Advantage Manufacturing Ltd. The team welcomes all inquiries about ideas revolving around steel and metal fabrication. Additionally, the company’s steel fabricators will refine these ideas and customize the order according to the client’s request. When it comes to delivery, the company makes sure to finish every project efficiently.

About Advantage Manufacturing Ltd.

Advantage Manufacturing Ltd. offers metal welding, repair, and fabrication services for both industrial and commercial clients. The company’s technicians deliver craftsmanship that meets standards and holds up for a long time. Additionally, it focuses on quick project turnaround times to save on costs.

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