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Jiangsu Hengtai Electronic and Plastic Co is a fabrication firm which is working in this business from very long time or several years. We attempt superior quality plastic fabrication services. As consultants in close tolerance plastic fabrication and machining, our success rests not only upon molding, injection molding, metal art, but our ability to understand our clients and their needs and requirements.

Of course there are so many companies, who can fabricate or can machine plastics, but we are treated as the expert in calibrating these two proceedings and are known in the factory for our technical knowledge. With the ability to process on raw material measuring between .03’’ and 4 inches thick, we handle a huge variety of traditional to high level or high performance plastics.

Our highly talented and skilled fabricators execute a variation of processes including cutting, heat to bending, solvent welding, polishing, CNC precision machining and hardware assembly. We offer short to large run production competences, plus excellent in house design and prototype (pattern) services. A symbolic part of our business is dedicated to the medical equipment, apparatus, biotech, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor associations, and it runs deep.

In addition, our customer includes some of the top interior design and constrictive firms. We are doing some remarkable thing by containing with our clients from start to till now. Injection molding fabrication is the type of fabrication which is most commonly used by us for our clients. General capabilities are making prototypes, long run, short run and production run. Prototypes are the pattern, which are same as the product and it is used for accuracy of the product.

China fabrication is the services which our firm is providing the most to our clients with affordable prices and these things make us different from all other firm. We provide best accuracy level products and we provide the same quality and accuracy in each and every product we make in our factor.

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Business Name : Jiangsu Hengtai Electronics & Plastic Co., Ltd.
Street Address : #2 Yunmei Road, Tianmu Lake Industrial Park
Country: China
City: Liyang
State: Jiangsu
Postal Code: 213300
Tel: 0519-87961188