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Established since the 1960s, with over 50 years of experience. W.I. Freight has matured and established themselves as a leading shipping Caribbean company. The company provides various services through numerous destinations worldwide such as, shipping to Trinidad, Africa, the United States, United Arab Emirates, the Caribbean and several other leading international countries. Capable of shipping anything ranging from moving a car to the shipping of barrels globally and also offering moving services to those who need to relocate, the company guarantees trust, and place your goods in the hands of extremely skilled team who take care and charge of your cargo with delicacy and efficiency from the beginning to the end.

Having successfully moved hundreds of customers to the Caribbean as well as other international destinations, there is a clear recognition that a high level service can cater to everybody despite how unique or diverse their needs base or requirements may be.

Additionally, the company also offers customers several unique and very distinguished packing services which include, packing, palletising, shrink wrapping and even wood casing. Whilst also being able to arrange custom clearance for international destinations and offer the option of shared containers to help reduce costs and make more efficient use of shipping containers. This service is referred to as a Less than Container Load (LCL) to customers who do not have enough cargo for a full container.