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Dart Awnings, a manufacturer of stylish and durable, patio and porch awnings and coverings, announces an expected increase in orders and sales for the upcoming summer months.

This year may see an unusual increase in high temperatures across the U.S. The Freeport and surrounding areas are no exception. Dart Awnings is already seeing an increase in interest by home and business owners for an affordable, fast and easy way to keep cool this summer.

For more than 25 years, Dart Awnings has provided attractive, high-performing and reasonably priced awnings for homes and offices across the New York City, Freeport and surrounding areas. Opening its doors in 1985, Dart Awnings is proud to be family-owned and operated.

As summer fast approaches, Dart Awnings provides a wide variety of awnings, canopies and outdoor systems in varying styles, colors and features. Some Dart Awnings solutions include stationary awnings, retractable awnings, aluminum awnings, patio covers, sunrooms/enclosures, EZE-Breeze windows and pergolas.

Dart Awnings expert consultants and installers are standing by to help homeowners and businesses lower the temperature and cooling costs in an easy, fast and effective way.

Anyone interested in learning about the products and services offered can find out more by visiting the Dart Awnings website or by calling 1-516-544-2082.

About Dart Awnings: Founded in 1985, Dart Awnings has provided the greater New York City, Freeport and surrounding areas with expert shading and cooling systems for homes and businesses. Dart Awnings manufactures a wide variety of awnings, canopies and outdoor systems for just about any cooling need, either indoor or outdoor.

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