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Daryl Guberman of G-PMC, has made it his mission to expose the deep connections between the terror-nation linked International Accreditation Forum and major U.S. businesses. His latest effort was submitting an offer to work with U.S. Steel to give them quality accreditation services from his U.S. firm.

New York, NY, USA, June 25, 2018 — How and from whom a business is certified by carries a huge amount of weight, clearly. Both for ethical and for their own internal security and quality control issues. Few understand this as well as Daryl Guberman (, a business leader with over three decades of experience in quality, and seven years at the head of the accreditation organization G-PMC ( which he founded and leads. In recent months Guberman has exposed numerous foreign-linked accreditation firms, especially the Chinese-led International Accreditation Forum (IAF), as being of a very questionable nature, to put it mildly. Recently, G-PMC celebrated Guberman meeting with leaders from U.S. Steel to present to them the idea of working with the American-based and loyal G-PMC rather than something like the IAF, while having an address in the U.S., is led by a Chinese national, a country with well-known North Korean ties, and a long list of anti-American and ant-Israel nations, like Iran, as signatories. The enthusiasm surrounding the meeting is high.

“We continue to revolutionize quality accreditation methods working hard to deliver the best value we possibly can to our clients to make sure their quality standards are held to the highest level,” remarked Guberman. “But beyond that we feel a strong personal responsibility to make people aware of how many American businesses are, often unintentionally, working with quality accreditation organizations that have terrorist and antisemitic nation ties. In fact one of the leaders in this space the IAF is led by China, a country who has repeatedly spied and hacked American businesses and state organizations. How can an American business work with these types of alliances, and sleep well at night? Our hope is knowing the truth will help them make the right decision in this area.”

To make things even worse a popular accreditation organization active and affiliated with IAF is the Arab Accreditation Cooperation, which includes much more than a handful of nations that celebrate antisemitism with passion. As a Jewish-American business leader Daryl Guberman ( sees it as a personal responsibility to help shine the spotlight on this potentially dangerous situation to America and American businesses.

The meeting with U.S. Steel went very well, with their representatives being unaware of the IAF’s links and seeming to be ready to break off from them and work with a pro-American, America-based accreditation group like G-PMC ( instead. Negotiations are ongoing.

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