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ELITECRANERENTAL is a reputed company to work with when you undertake a construction project. We will provide assist you with the variety of work including construction, industrial and residential assignments. Here we have a team of highly skilled professionals who have over 100 year’s industry knowledge that will be applied on the most challenging work you will bring to us. Whenever you undertake a construction project there is need of many machines and one of those is cranes. It is used to lift the heavy objects, materials, resources etc. from one place to another.

At ELITECRANERENTAL we will provide you with the best quality cranes so that your construction project is carried out efficiently. We understand the fact that it is useless to buy such heavy equipment and this is the reason we provide it on rental basis. With the crane we will also provide you with the skilled and experienced operator who is capable enough to handle the crane properly. This will save your time and money both. Our staff is completely aimed towards the one on one dedication towards our clients so that they remain satisfied with our services. Throughout the project our same employee will deal with you so that no communication errors takes place. No matter what type of job or work it is, we have all the required knowledge and resources to get it done quickly an effectively. We will provide you with the various types of cranes including:

RT (Rough Terrain) Cranes
8 – 28 Ton Boom Truck Cranes, Minimum 4 Hours
40 – 60 Ton Truck Mount Cranes, Minimum 4 Hours
70 – 80 Ton Truck Mount Crane, Minimum 6 Hours
90 – 110 ton All Terrain Cranes, Minimum 8 Hours

At ELITECRANERENTAL we are a certified company offering premium crane services to our customers by a red seal certified hosting engineer. Our successful past experience allows us to strive for perfection only. We are an active member of Ontario College of Trades. Once you hire Crane Rental in Toronto you can feel confident that you have hired the right person for right job. We will provide you with the licensed, skilled and experienced workmen to operate the crane. You don’t need to worry if you are unsure about the size of the crane as we will provide you the largest one that will be enough for your job and amount charged will be according to your weight of material only.

Our company aims at building long term relationships with our clients so that once they comes, they stay. We make sure that you get exactly what you want at the most reasonable prices. Proud to have a fair upfront pricing of our services.

So if you need any help or services regarding your construction work you can visit our official website: .

Contact us:

561 Kenilworth Ave N
Hamilton, ON
L8H 4T8

You can also give us a call at:

Local: 1-905-296-5055
Fax: 1-905-296-5044
Toll free: 1-844-SHACKLE

Our representatives will be there to assist you and take your queries. Once you visit us we will make sure that you stay loyal with our services always.