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Potassium hexatitanate is a crystalline compound, which has an extremely fine crystals like structure with a fiber length of 10 to 20 µm and fiber diameter of 0.3 to 0.6 µm. Its chemical formula is K2Ti6O13. Titanate fibers are new materials with high heat resistance and good chemical stability with a general chemical formula, given as K2O⋅nTiO2 (n = 2 to 8), where the value of “n” determines the potassium content. It possesses properties such as high strength, stiffness, and aspect ratio. Potassium hexatitanate belongs to materials of various uses due to its potential economic importance. This relatively inexpensive, fibrous material has good thermal durability, chemical resistivity, and dispersibility and has been found to be useful as a reinforcement material for plastic and ceramics, heat-insulating paints, and automotive brake linings. Potassium hexatitanate is utilized in numerous applications in industries such as electronics, ceramics, and batteries. It is also employed in ion exchanger materials, thermal insulators, reinforcements, catalysts, photo catalysts, substitutes of asbestos, etc. Generally, the titanate compounds contain a form of titanium oxide. The single crystals of potassium hexatitanate were synthesized by melt reacting TiO2 and K2CO3, from which lattice parameters, indexes of X-ray powder diffraction data and infrared spectra are obtained. The crystal system of potassium hexatitanate is monoclinic. Potassium hexatitanate is generally immediately available in most volumes, high purity, submicron and nano powder forms.

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Factors such as wide industrial applications of potassium hexatitanate, due to its high tensile strength, weight advantage over metals and stability at high temperatures, is driving the potassium hexatitanate market. Additionally, various properties such as damage tolerance, fracture toughness, high temperature resistance, wear & tear, and corrosion resistance are also propelling the potassium hexatitanate market.

Factors such as stringent government regulations over its usage, chronic health effects such as inhalation toxicity, pulmonary fibrosis, lung cancer, mesothelioma, etc., on prolonged exposure to human beings are restraining the potassium hexatitanate market. Moreover, factors such as availability of substitutes is also hampering the potassium hexatitanate market.

Based on product type, the potassium hexatitanate market can be segmented into potassium dititanate, potassium tetratitanate and potassium octatitanate among others. In terms of methods of manufacturing, the potassium hexatitanate can be classified into calcination-based titanate, slow cooling calcination titanate, hydrothermal reactions-based titanate, flux evaporation-based titanate, and combinative route of flux titanate based titanate.

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Key players operating in the potassium hexatitanate market include Zouping Runzi Chemical Industry Company limited, Changsha Easchem Company Limited, Hebei Shengyi Fertilizer Company Limited, Hubei Ocean Biotech Company Limited, and American Elements.