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Movers International, based in Preston, is now offering free storage for up to a month for customers who are moving overseas or may be in the process of purchasing a second home abroad and are buying furniture in the UK to ship to their new home. The company understands only too well that many people may have sold their UK home, but are not quite ready to move into their new one abroad.

Other customers may be in the process of purchasing and furnishing a second home and need somewhere to keep additional furniture until they are ready to have it shipped. Customers’ belongings are housed in very large wooden containers that are secure, dry, and pest-free, so that they can be assured that when the time comes they will be shipped in perfect condition.

Movers International has been shipping and removing everything from a single carton to the complete contents of a business to many different destinations abroad, especially in France, Germany, Spain, and Portugal, for over 30 years. This experience means that their team is as familiar with these countries as they are with those comprising the UK, many of the drivers making deliveries to all parts every week or two.

Movers International Director James Moss said: “It also means that the company has all the necessary contacts in those countries in order to ensure speedy and timely delivery of customers’ belongings even under the most difficult circumstances. Many of the smaller villages in Continental Europe are located up mountains or tucked away in the countryside where access by large vehicles is impossible.”

“Movers International is able to deliver to its’ partner businesses who can break up the delivery and use smaller vehicles that are able to access these difficult locations without any problem.”

Furthermore, the company has so many customers who move to Spain that it has established two depots and offices of its’ own in Alicante and Malaga which are staffed by bi-lingual employees who are very familiar with the local areas.

Where a customer only has a requirement for a small load or a part load the company is also able to offer this service on its’ regular runs to these countries. There are occasions when a customer might buy a particular piece of furniture which needs shipment abroad, and Movers International will always accommodate the customer’s needs in these cases.