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If you want to plan a party with a unique theme just checkout for the Great Gatsby party entertainment that adds a vintage twist to your party. The Swing Patrol is one dancing community that is dedicated to popularize the yesteryear dancing style swing dance where they perform Lindy Hop, Balboa and Solo set to Charleston, gospel, electro swing and blues tunes. The Swing Patrol in fact offers classes to the enthusiasts who are interested in learning this yesteryear dancing style. The swing patrol community not only teach swing dance but also perform at events, festivals, road shows and other places to bring this dancing style into the lime light. So when you want to organise a party either with a Gangster theme, Blitz theme or Great Gatsby you can hire the dancers from Swing Patrol. The Great Gatsby dancers who are experienced and experts in this dancing style shall truly add a unique theme and entertainment to your party.

You can hire their services for the office parties, corporate events, product launches, weddings and other festivities where you want to entertain your audience with this dancing style. You can choose their packages offered for different events. If you choose the grand slam package you no longer have to worry about anything as the swing patrol team shall take care of helping you find the best venue, pick up the right bands, make-up and hair artists, set up a photo booth, MC services and also arrange a bar. The dancers shall offer incredible performances on the dance floor along with encouraging the guests to also learn one or two dance moves so that they too can actively involve in the party by shaking their legs on the dance floor. The Swing Patrol Great Gatsby dancers shall also conduct small competitions so that the guests shall be really enthralled to perform on the dance floor and show their skills to the audience. The hair and make-up artist helps everyone to get a vintage style and the DJs to strictly play only the vintage tunes.

By hiring Swing Patrol for your Great Gatsby party entertainment they not only perform at your event but also come up with the best choreography suitable for your party theme. They also teach the guests a few steps to actively take part in the party and thoroughly enjoy the event.

Are you Looking to hire 1920s,1940s dancers for your Event? Swingpatrol provides best swing dance for your vintage wedding, party or themed event at an affordable Cost. To know more please visit at

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