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Mumbai 30th May 2018: In a brief yet significant ceremony in the presence of several art connoisseurs and many others at the Artist’s Centre Kalaghoda, Mr. Bernhard Steinruecke, Director General Indo German Chamber of Commerce, inaugurated water colour artist Mrs. Anitha Sunil Kumar’s exhibition under the theme “Timeless Memories”.
The exhibition has on display 23 watercolour paintings. They showcase various memories and vivid interpretations of the historic forts, mighty ruins and the glorious empires of our country. The collection comprises paintings depicting very different locations such as Leh in Ladakh, Hampi and Badami in Karnataka and the Senji Fort in Tamil Nadu. The paintings on the historical marvels of Hampi and Badami portray the great culture and vibrance of the era. The watercolours of Leh capture the tranquillity and ecstasy of the gargantuan Himalayan range. Overall the collection aims to create an essence through experience and an effort to recapture the soul of India’s glorious history and our great past.
Speaking about the collection Mrs. S Anitha said, “Although I have experimented with many techniques (oil, pastel, acrylic, pencil, charcoal, etc.) and have created various pieces in different mediums, I was inclined towards watercolour due to its modesty in expression but underlying richness. I felt it was easier for me to tell a story through this medium.”
Speaking about the collection, Mr. Steinruecke said, “I have been in India for over 25 years and have been closely associated with the country’s art scene, I am happy to have inaugurated the collection. The depictions have taken me back in time with the history and the tranquillity that the paintings depict.”
Mrs. S Anitha learned watercolours from renowned artist A V Dhanushkodi and is skilled at not only in Watercolours but also oil, acrylic and other mediums.