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The surface treatment of the LSAW steel pipe determines the service life of the pipe, and is also the premise to ensure that the corrosion protection layer and the straight seam steel pipe can be firmly combined. The life of the anti-corrosion coating depends on the coating type, coating quality and construction environment. The effect of the surface treatment of the straight-joint steel pipe on the life of the anti-corrosion coating accounts for approximately 50%.

Therefore, the straight-joint steel pipe should be strictly in accordance with the specification of the anti-corrosion coating. Surface requirements, continuous improvement of straight seam steel pipe surface treatment methods.Pickling is one of the most commonly used rust removal methods. It not only can be used as a re-treatment process after sand blasting, but also can completely remove the rust, oxide scale, worn-out coating on the surface of straight seam welded pipe. The method can make the steel surface roughness and cleanliness meet the standard requirements, but it is a chemical cleaning method after all, and it is easy to cause pollution to the surrounding environment.

LSAW steel pipe cleaning can only be used as an auxiliary means of antiseptic treatment, because the cleaning method can only remove the residual organics such as dust, grease, and lubricants on the steel surface, and it can not play the role of anti-corrosion, just like we usually wash our hands. In the same way, the dirt on the surface can be cleaned and most of the bacteria still remain in the hands. Professional technicians use a wire brush and other cleaning tools to polish the surface of the workpiece. This method is called tool derusting. Loose rust, welding slag and oxide scale can be completely removed, but the steel surface is firmly attached. Oxidation is powerless and does not meet the standard antiseptic effect.