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Armani didn’t set out to dig new avenues to the fashion arena but wanted to get there riding the same old vehicle with new touches all over. The outcome was the Armani Exchange Chronograph Quartz AX2607 Men’s Watch. It is nothing great; yet has something to stand out from the crowd. A|X did it differently this time!

The Armani Exchange Chronograph Quartz AX2607 Men’s Watch reeks of polished, tempered elegance blended with a sporty feel that’s luxury enough for the workplace and the parties alike. Its quartz movement requires no attention apart from battery changes every few years. As long as it lasts, there’s no question of slowing down or losing out on accuracy. It’s also less expensive (which reflects from the overall price) and highly durable.

The Armani Exchange Chronograph Quartz AX2607 Men’s Watch is not just about merely adding some sporty elements to a luxury design. It is more of a classic form with an iconic sports feature targeted to the crowd with eyes for extra something (but not too much) besides bare essentials. So, the stopwatch feature; a timer is not meant solely for the playgrounds. It’s a handy tool that comes to use in almost all walks of life.

The Armani Exchange Chronograph Quartz AX2607 Men’s Watch is a fine example of how different elements can be fused and brought into a singularity. It expresses a statement-making style that fashionable and quality-conscious people can’t deny! A stark contrast to the usual is its blue and copper color combination instead of black/silver/gold.

The chronograph of the Armani Exchange Watches measures a total of 30 minutes in 1 second increments and features a 24-hour denoting subdial at 3. It’s a great feature for frequent flyers flying into different time zones. It helps you to get rid of jet lags by tallying with your home time. However, this chronograph is not meant to be used in the cockpit; neither is it a divers’ chronograph. The Armani Exchange Chronograph Quartz AX2607 Men’s Watch is not meant to face the hot wind, fire and steel. It’s just a luxurious, fashion-forward piece of aesthetics with an instant ‘designer’ credential. Go to the dance party or to the cocktail with dinner and you are guaranteed to turn a few heads. In short, it is a fine specimen that exhibits high quality and a high precision for the regular urban guy.

Bottom line: The Armani Exchange Quartz Chronograph Men’s Watch is a time piece that marks one of the most recognized designs among men’s high-fashion accessories, covering the prime points in a most efficient manner. Armani takes on both luxury and sports much admirably while keeping active its business aura intact to cover all the three domains end to end.