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Medium voltage cables are a category of cables defined by the International Electrochemical Commission with voltage ranging above 1kV to maximum 100kV. Medium voltage cables and accessories provide power in unusual events of unpredictable power outage, distribution of power in remote areas, and applications ranging between 5kV up to 35kV. Medium voltage cables and accessories is generally a single standalone block which can withstand without any additional block for its support. Medium voltage cables are used for power distribution and electric power transmission. Medium voltage cables & accessories are widely used in commercial and industrial sectors.

The medium voltage cables and accessories market can be segmented into installation type, product, end-user industry, and region. Based on types, the market can be trifurcated into overhead, underground, and submarine. Based in terms of product, the medium voltage cables & accessories market can be further divided into termination cables, joints, and XLPE cables. Based on end-user industry, the market is categorized into industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. Underground installations are widely used in densely populated urban areas and in industrial use, where it is impractical or difficult to lay overhead cables. For the purpose of electric insulation purpose XLPE or cross-linked polyethylene are extensively used in all voltage power cables but it is majorly used in medium voltage cables and accessories. End users of medium voltage cables and accessories are energy corporations, environmental associations, government and residential users, transmission and distribution facilities, and etc.

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Medium voltage cables and accessories are flexible and durable for the purpose of handling. They provide protection against weathering, oil impact, and abrasion. They are easy to install, provide insulation to power systems, and are moisture, heat, and ozone resistant. Medium voltage cables reduce downtime and help keep electric systems functioning smoothly. Medium voltage cables are best suitable for congested areas where overhead cable lines are difficult or impossible to install. New innovations and technical advancements are emerging in order to reduce cost of production for medium voltage cables and accessories

In terms of geography, countries in Asia Pacific such as India, China, Japan, Australia, and Singapore have increasing demand for the medium voltage cables and accessories market due to rapid industrialization and urbanization. Rise in demand for electricity in North America is expected to boost the medium voltage cables and accessories market in the region. Countries in Europe such as the U.K., France, and Germany has a growing market for the growth of medium voltage cables and accessories due to rapid industrialization. Recent development plans in Latin America and Africa are expected to boost demand for medium voltage cables and accessories after they recover from the economic meltdown.

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Key players operating in the medium voltage and accessories market are Caledonian Cables Ltd., ABB Ltd., Dubai Cable Company Ltd., General Electric Company, and Siemens AG.