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Intern Diaries since its launch has caught the attention of the millennial generation with its real-life situations faced by interns Tara and Anika in the world of glamour and fashion. The web series by Grazia takes the viewers on an exhilarating experience with two back-to-back episodes every week. From working at a break-neck speed to tackling challenges with perseverance and learning the nitty-gritty of a fashion magazine the hard way, the last episode showcased it all.

Tara and Anika tactfully managed their first ever magazine cover shoot assignment featuring actress Sonakshi Sinha and sportingly took the challenge to prove themselves in front of renowned designer Masaba Gupta. While they have successfully come this far, there are more hurdles waiting in their way. While they continue to move forward through the daily tasks, it is time for them to face the toughest task master.

The two interns will be shown climbing their way ahead through difficulties and deal with tough people while trying to get a celebrity designer onboard and have everything else in place.

Who is the toughest task master? Who is the designer Anika and Tara have to persuade? Will they be able to fulfil their responsibilities well?

To know all this and more, watch two fresh episodes of Intern Diaries every Tuesday at 6pm on YouTube