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SQL-RD Version 7.4 Build 20180426 has been released. The following enhancements along with software fixes have been included.

SQL-RD Version 7.4 Build 20180426 Enhancements:

SQL-RD will pre-check the operating system prior to installations and updates

Issues Resolved

Registration Wizard now responds as expected
SSIS variables now work as expected within the ‘Execute an SSIS Package’ custom task
Exporting to .CSV no longer receive MaxBufferSize error during report export
.CSV and Excel output formats no longer include the header when “Ignore Headers” is checked
Schedules set to run ‘Annually’ no longer default to ‘Daily’ when editing the schedule
Outputs to XML file via custom tasks now work as expected
Email destination set to embed HTML (and HTML Basic) now work as expected
Additional performance improvements have been included in this release.

Please find more about SQL-RD SSRS Data Driven Automation at