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Organizing corporate travel can be cumbersome, to say the least. For businesses and startups, travel is a part of doing business. And a major hassle in organizing business trips is finding hotel rooms bookings at affordable and competitive prices. All the aggregator sites look at the end to end solutions and price matching features for individual consumers.

Thus, we feel that the corporate sector has been left out a bit. And whatever solutions that are out there do not provide the complete solution. Thus, to solve this problem, our corporate travel portal has come up with a comprehensive solution.

Who are we?

We have come up with a streamlined solution for all of your corporate travel booking needs. With our travel portal, we connect the business organizations with the business end of travel booking aggregators and hotels. Our tie-up with travel aggregators ensures a smooth booking process at competitive prices which make sure you keep up with your bottom line. Our Hotel booking online portal for corporates is the only travel solution that simplifies travel rather than complicating it.

Our reach worldwide is unmatched as we service more than 85700 cities in more than 190 countries around the world. With such a reach unmatched by any other aggregator, we give your business the maximum options when it comes to your business travel bookings.

We have designed an interface that is simple and gives people member access only. Our search algorithm focuses on searching for properties that are less popular but give you the maximum return on your investment. These ‘best value properties’ are another benefit that we bring to the table. Combining this with B2B and B2C aggregator sites, our portfolio of business-friendly properties is the best you can find.

What more do we bring to the table?

We are able to markdown the prices of hotel rooms quite considerably, thanks to our link with the aggregator sites. We combine our internal links with any ongoing sales to bring down the prices considerably. With such markdowns, your business gets the most competitive prices in the virtual market.

B2B hotel booking for corporates is an area that still has a large scope for improvement. On the B2B side of any process, the core depends on connecting two businesses together to facilitate a transaction or process. B2B hotel booking for corporate travel connects business institutions with branded corporate fares from travel websites. This eliminates any miscommunication and simplifies the booking process. In addition, it benefits smaller startups as well as established businesses.

When you book through our website, we protect branded fares to bring specialized offers for our corporate clients. The login system makes sure of that fact. We simplify the search, the comparison, and the booking process. By offering simplified solutions to our clients and partners, we create a mutually beneficial business ecosystem.