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Real Estate Hub takes a look at Lancaster New City and highlights its “Go Green Lancaster” program, among other eco-friendly initiatives.

[PHILPPINES, 5/16/2018] – The Real Estate Hub offers home buyers another way to determine the perfect place to live, work, and play: look into the eco-friendly efforts of property developments. As such, the go-to website for real estate reviews offers insight on Lancaster New City’s environment-friendly programs for buyers looking to move to Cavite.

Initiatives and Activities

According to the Real Estate Hub, Lancaster provides community projects and holds annual events to promote green programs and encourage its 10,000 residents to live a clean, healthy lifestyle.

The Cavite housing development’s “Go Green Lancaster Program” invites residents to participate in tree planting activities during the rainy season. The program, to date, has produced more than 19,000 trees, which serve to enhance the beauty of the community.

Apart from the tree planting program, there are also seminars and important talks about the environment and developing an environmentally sustainable lifestyle.

The program invites noted speakers from various industries and institutions to talk about environment-related topics, like waste segregation and recycling. The Real Estate Hub notes that not many property developments offer this type of community program.

The property review site also highlights the tree-lined paths of Lancaster New City, adding that these encourage residents to live a healthy lifestyle because they exercise more.

The Overall Verdict

The Real Estate Hub gives the housing development of Lancaster New City a good mark in its review. The layout of the housing development, according to the report, reflects the eco-friendly thrust of PRO-FRIENDS developers and the Lancaster community.

The real estate website expects to see the same environmentally sound master plan among all other projects.

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