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For optimal repair of damaged concrete, Waterproofing Direct offers a range of primers and additives. The company provides products from brands like Sika and Ardex that deliver maximum moisture protection.

[WARRIEWOOD, 14/5/2018] – Waterproofing Direct, an expert in concrete waterproofing products in Australia, offers concrete primers and additives to preserve concrete structures and surfaces and to treat damaged concrete. Waterproofing Direct’s catalogue includes products from trusted brands in the construction industry.

The Role of Primer and Additives in Concrete Protection

Exposed concrete walls, floors, beams and columns are susceptible to water or high humidity ‒ elements that can cause mould growth and irreparable damage, particularly when the water penetrates to rust the reinforcement. As a response to these problems, Waterproofing Direct offers additives to increase concrete durability and primers and sealers for concrete protection from water penetration.

Waterproof Direct also provides sealants, adhesives and mortar for concrete repair. Prep the damaged concrete by cleaning the surface and remove flakes or powder. If the rebar is rusted, it may need replacing; if not, remove any loose rust until the metal is exposed. Apply a layer of primer to prevent moisture from further seeping into the cracks or voids.

Next, add adhesive to allow a fresh mix to be applied to the remaining concrete. Admixtures may be added to improve the resistance to moisture.

High-Quality Primers and Additives from Industry-Leading Brands

Waterproofing Direct’s catalogue has a range of primers and additives from household name brands in the concrete industry.

One of the products in the range is the Sikafloor Level PRO Primer, which reduces the substrates and the porosity of cement and concrete.

Another product is the ARDEX P 51 that acts both as a primer and as a bonding agent. It’s a solvent-free, blue synthetic resin dispersion that becomes a clear film to inhibit water penetration. It is ideal for dry, internal surfaces and for smooth, impervious concrete.

About Waterproofing Direct

Waterproofing Direct has become a reliable distributor of waterproofing products in Australia due to their strong connections to local suppliers and contractors. The company is able to provide high-quality products and customer service due to their extensive technical knowledge.

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