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A sunscreen regulates the light, protects us from prying eyes and is also a beautiful design element for every room. Whether window blinds, Cellular Window Shades, or shutters – in Blinds Shopper online shop, you will find the right window blinds and shades. At Blinds Shopper, we have been operating our successful online service for over 15 years. And during this time we have made a good name as a reliable partner in all matters relating to sun protection. We offer high-quality solutions for effective sun, weather, visual and insect protection and more safety.

Which sunscreen you choose depends not only on your personal taste but above all on the orientation of the room, how you use it and how the light changes during the day. If the room is not exposed to direct sunlight, roller blinds and Fabric Roman Shades with warm colors and translucent fabrics are suitable – they provide a cozy atmosphere and sufficient brightness.

If your room only receives the morning sun, Honeycomb Cellular Shades or Hobbled Roman Shades are an ideal sun protection solution – they let the brightness into the room but take away the heaviness. As beautiful as the sunset may be – the intense evening light from a low-lying sun can also be distracting. Here you can help with Transparent Roller Shades – they regulate the sunlight without shutting out the light. You can learn more about our product range at