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What is EZVIZ? Let us have a look the introduction about it, made by a Hikvision Partner BigPack Wholesale. EZVIZ is the consumer and residential-focused subsidiary of Hikvision, the world’s largest manufacturer of video surveillance solutions. EZVIZ builds upon Hikvision’s expertise and knowledge to bring robust, commercial-quality video products to consumers and the smart-home market.

Now, Hikvision has Wi-Fi Cameras, Alarm Device, NVR, Action Cameras products under EZVIZ brand, Hikvision also has Hikvision, HiLook, Hiwatch brands and product lines, all these brands make Hikvision full solutions for all video surveillance needs from consumers and the smart-home grade to high end professional grade.
Even with lots of powerful new features, the EZVIZ products are still simple to use. Its clean layout makes it easy to find all of your cameras, change settings, and see what’s happening with just a few taps.
Let’s quickly take a look at EZVIZ cameras. As a sample product for us to discuss, we pick up EZVIZ C3S, a 1080p HD Outdoor Wi-Fi Security Camera. With Optional Wi-Fi + PoE or work as a Wi-Fi Camera, C3S has Built-In Storage Slot, Night Vision, 120dB HDR, 1080p. Compare to other consumer cameras, it uses up to 30% less energy, provides 50% more processing power, with latest generation video processing technology.
See video the way your eyes see it with HDR, which balances colors and light to match real life. The high-definition, wide-angle lens not only provides more details, but also more coverage. When the lights go off, the C3S’s night vision goes on for clear HD video in the dark. And most important, this camera is designed for All Seasons. The C3S has an IP66 rating, which means it’s dustproof, waterproof, and designed to handle a wide range of extreme weather and temperatures. it stores up to 128gb, save video and pictures using the built-in micro SD slot. No matter where you are, you can watch live video from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can also share links with friends and family so they can view your video, too.
Ezviz is a budget-minded brand, promises new affordable security systems to Australia consumers. These new cameras from Ezviz are ranging from a $500 four-camera coaxial-wired system ($87.50 per camera) to a $895 four-camera Wi-Fi system ($149.00 per camera) and are geared toward folks looking for more robust DIY security surveillance. The Netgear Arlo and Ring are the only multi-camera indoor/outdoor kits we’ve reviewed as the major competitors in the market, but its four-camera pack will set you back $999 or above, roughly the same price range as the four-camera kit from Ezviz. EZVIZ products definitely provide new options to our clients, with latest technology, high reliability, with consumer grade prices.
At EZVIZ, we are about creating ways that connect you visually to your life. No matter where you are, EZVIZ cloud services and smart home video technology can help you feel like you’re home—right from the palm of your hand.
BigPack Wholesale is Hikvision Authorized Partner, providing full range of Hikvision products to Australia market, EZVIZ is the commercial-quality video products to consumers and the smart-home market supplied by BigPack Wholesale.