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The Michigan-based vape products company offers high-quality e-liquids with vape equipment and accessories.

[ROSEVILLE, 5/3/2018] – The Independent Vapor Company (IVC) is offering a variety of clean, quality e-liquids and vape accessories and equipment, from the company’s in-house collection to products of other affiliated brands. IVC produces e-liquid products that attract vape users not only in the US but also abroad.

Range of E-Liquids

IVC has a wide range of e-liquid products that can suit the taste of any vape users. One of the popular products from the company is the Nillionaire Series, which features fruit-flavored concoctions, from mango to raspberry.

Other collections that vape users can enjoy are:

• IVC Black Label
This collection contains e-liquids that have nutty and bakery flavor as it contains cinnamon, hazelnut, Asian pear, and cookie ingredients.

• IVC Blue Label
For this collection, IVC used flavors from raspberries, watermelon bubblegum, melons, and marshmallow for a sweeter taste.

• IVC Red Label
IVC incorporated tropical flavors for this collection by using tropical citrus, pear, dragon fruit, double mint, and red and blueberries.

• IVC White Label
For those who like sweet flavors with a hint of sourness, this collection is ideal as it contains cereal sprinkles, blackberry lemonade, prickly pear, and sour strawberry mango gummy.

Equipment and Accessories

Apart from the e-liquids, IVC offers equipment and accessories needed for vaping. IVC has Suorin Air Ultra Portable System, which is a starter kit featuring a card-style portable pod system with an intuitive Refillable Suorin Air Cartridge. The all-in-one system can contain up to 2ml of e-liquid.

There are also batteries and different types of coils to fit every user’s needs.

The IVC can ship to any address in the world.

About Independent Vapor Company

The Independent Vapor Company started In May 2014 when two friends, Jerret Kirouac and Ryan Wagner, decided to put up an e-liquid company in Warren, Michigan. Today, the company employs 14 individuals and provides customer service, high-quality products, and a family atmosphere that has gained the trust of vape users nationally and abroad. Its new location is in Roseville, Michigan.

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