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Devline Company has come up with one of the best solutions in the market of security systems called the Line video surveillance system. This is a new video surveillance software that has become popular all over the world within no time because of its wide range of functionalities and reasonable cost. In today’s world, CCTY systems have become one of the best methods of monitoring integrity of individual rights, monitoring the safety of human life and ensuring intactness of material assets. Criminal activities are increasing day by day and it has only become more important to have a video surveillance system to ensure safety whether it is in business or in personal space. Most of the apartments, country houses or even parking spaces are today equipped with video surveillance system. There are unlimited areas like these where a proper video surveillance system would make the area safe. Devline Company constantly makes efforts to improve the network video recorder software and hardware capabilities. The company intends to provide a simpler video surveillance that is more convenient and serves as an affordable tool.

Another interesting feature about line software is that it comes with all products of the company and does not have any kind of network, administrative and functional restrictions. By installing the Line video surveillance system, you can now enjoy many functional benefits. The system comes with digital motion detector that provides you with the possibility of creating up to 64 detection zones. You will also be able to make a detailed customization of the system in the administration menu. You will also enjoy Line Cloud online services for remote control over any number of servers. The system also comes with video analytics feature that helps you in filtering archive record by detection, object size and colour. The system also allows simultaneous viewing where you can simultaneously browse all cameras along with possibility of export. You will also be able to have a remote real-time control and monitoring. You can have unlimited number of network clients for remote video server operation. Devline has also developed a special software that helps you to watch through mobile devices that run with Android and iOS. The system uses PTZ cameras with two mode control interface. One is the standard mode and the other is the advanced mode. The system also supports multi-monitors. The multi-monitor support function allows the videos to be displayed on several monitors simultaneously.

If you are searching for best video surveillance software, then you are at the right place. Devline is offering best Network Video Recorder Surveillance Software at wholesale price. Our systems are used for monitoring both commercial and residential properties. For more details, please visit our website at

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