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Many small business owners shy away from taking out loans because of payments they can’t afford. ARF Financial LLC’s Flex Pay Business Loans allows business owners to take out loans with flexible payback options.

[BEVERLY HILLS, 4/14/2018]— ARF Financial LLC’s Flex Pay Business Loan provides an easier way for small businesses to take out business loans to expand their ventures.

There comes a point when small business owners decide to make a bold move and expand their business. This could be through opening new store branches, acquiring new equipment, renovations, or marketing.

When a business grows, the money to do so does not necessarily come from business earnings. Rather, expansion money usually comes from loans.

Collaterals and Approval Time

A common problem that small businesses encounter when taking out a loan is pledging collateral. Lenders usually ask for collateral, which serves as an insurance should the borrower defer or default on payment. Collaterals are usually assets that are easily appraised and turned to cash. Unfortunately, small businesses usually have nothing that is of value to the lender.

Another obstacle when taking out a business loan is the amount of time it takes for a loan to be approved. There are a lot of factors that affect the approval time of loans. Some of these are the nature of business or industry, credit history or loan purpose. With factors like these, loan approval can take anywhere between 1 day and 3 months.

With the Flex Pay Business Loan, borrowers do not need to pledge collateral and loans are usually approved within 48 hours.

Paying Principal and Interest

Another reason small business shy away from taking loans is their ability to pay back the money they borrowed. On top of paying back principal, borrowers also must pay back an interest. Interest rates can vary depending on the amount borrowed. Lenders can also change the interest rate depending on how much of a risk factor they think the borrower poses. This becomes a problem with business owners because earnings can fluctuate from one month to the other.

Flex Pay makes loans less daunting because borrowers have the freedom to defer 25% to 50% of the loan principal into the future. On top of that, their interest rates are tax deductible and fixed. Flex Pay also has a number of payback options which they are willing to discuss with borrowers.

About ARF Financial LLC

Established in 2001, ARF Financial LLC provides short term, unsecured business loans and lines of credit for retailers and merchants. They are licensed by the California Department of Business Oversight. Their services are available in all 50 states. To know more about ARF Financial and their services, visit