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In case you are preparing for a new position or job, then you have to be ready for various requirements related to documents you have to prepare and submit. There are not too many of them. But still it is important being aware of what exact papers are required to support your eligibility for being hired.
For example, you need to fill out a job application form. This is a formal part of the hiring process. A person should prepare a job application to inform the employer of the readiness to be employed and of the awareness of the specificity of the new workplace. Applicants should specify their previous employments, skills and experience that fit the vacancy.
You may be asked to fill out this document even after you submitted a resume and a cover letter. This way the superior receives consistent data about the applicant.
We know that the main purpose of a resume is demonstrating the level of your knowledge, desire and readiness to be hired. A person has to provide the total of his or her background and experience, inform about their strong character traits and additional attainments.
Sometimes it may be asked to prepare a cover letter. It has to contain a broader view on person’s skills and abilities. Unlike resumes, it has to be written more detailed and cover as much points as possible.
Note that your employer may not ask you to submit a cover letter. However, you may do this voluntary.
To streamline the processing of all these papers, just use online PDF forms. Complete blanks, sign them electronically and send to the recipient via email, fax or sms.
You may do it even quicker visiting special online platforms that allows you combining different documents just on the go.
Combine a Resume, Cover Letter and Job Application into One File
Visit the online platform and simply combine pdf files.
Learn how to merge pdf documents following the brief instruction below:
Click the Choose file button.
Drag and drop your documents into the box.
Click the Merge Now icon.
Wait a few seconds and download the newly created file to your device.
Even after that you may continue editing the PDF using intuitive tools. Explore all the features and prepare all necessary documents in a few clicks.
Check the Service you Use
However you still have to be accurate and attentive since some online services may bring you not really positive results. Use platforms that ensure you an encrypted files transfer and delete all processed files.
Use advanced tools designed to simplify your workflow and merge files in a matter of seconds. Free yourself from paperwork hassles. Try and see for yourself.