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Feldman & Lee PS lawyers work with investigators to build a strong case against negligent car and truck drivers who are accountable for the injuries of motorcyclists in accidents.

[LYNNWOOD, 04/12/2018] — Feldman & Lee PS states that people often view motorcyclists as daredevils and risk takers. This perception could figure into a motorcycle accident case, leaving motorcycle drivers at a disadvantage. The Washington State law firm adds that it is important to determine and explain the cause of the accident by working with investigators.

Building a Strong Case

The personal injury lawyers of Feldman & Lee PS hire accident reconstruction experts, skid mark analysts, engineers, and other professionals with relevant expertise. In doing so, the lawyers representing motorcyclists are able to identify the cause of a wreck.

The personal injury lawyers rely on photos of the accident scene and recovered debris needed for lab tests. The firm’s investigators also interview eyewitnesses; the lawyers use computer animation during trials to explain to jurors how the client incurred the injury. They also consult medical experts and economists to point out the medical expenses the client may face at present and in the long run.

Feldman & Lee PS lawyers are able to challenge statements that claim the opposing party was not speeding at the time of the accident. With traffic videos and eyewitness accounts, the personal injury lawyers can identify fact from fiction and represent their clients well.

Identifying What Qualifies as Personal Injuries

The law firm remarks that motorcyclists can incur different injuries due to driver negligence. Feldman & Lee PS can represent individuals who suffered the following types of injuries due to an accident:

  • Amputation/loss of limb
  • Head trauma
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Disfigurement and road burn

The personal injury lawyers can also represent clients in wrongful death cases.

About Feldman & Lee PS

Feldman & Lee PS is a full-service law firm with a multi-disciplinary approach to cases. Its practice areas include criminal law, personal injury law, and divorce and family law. The firm values long-term relationships with clients, representing each one with a personal approach. Its lawyers treat all legal issues with the necessary action required by each case, exploring all options and taking clients through every step of the way.

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