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EPUB files is an Open Publication Structure eBook file which is a popular and freely available eBook standard. Files of this format can be readable on a wide variety of eReaders like Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod, Adobe Digital Editions, Bookworm and so on.

PDF is the global standard to capture all elements from any application. It readable on any computer system and sharing information with virtually anyone, anywhere.

Through the explanation of EPUB and PDF, we can easily know that PDF is more widely used in our daily life and work. Thus there must be many chance that we need to convert EPUB to PDF. Then how to realize this project? This is what topic we will discuss here.

First of all, a professional converter is needed. Here we use EPUB to PDF Converter. This software is one of the best-selling EPUB toPDF software. With advanced technology, this software will keep all contents of EPUB files accurately during high-speed conversion. What’s more, this software can easily transfer files among DOC, PDF, DOCX, RTF, TXT, HTML, etc.

You may free download this software to make a trial following us.

Guide to Save EPUB Files to PDF

Step 1. Run this software and add EPUB files to the software by hit the “Add Files” button. You are allowed to add more than one file to the software.

Step 2. On the left panel, you can see several customize output formats for you to choose. Just choose “PDF” as output format. If you need to add Watermarks to the files, just define proper watermarks on the left panel. You are allowed to set password for the document, merge multiple documents, and do more things.

Step 3. If you have confirmed all settings, just hit the “Convert” button to fire up the conversion.

Done! So excellent! This powerful by easy to use software helps you settle all process of converting documents between different formats.