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Maryland – March, 2018 – First impressions may not always be the last but they are always lasting impressions. This is what makes a corporate headshot an incredibly important element in your professional life.

A corporate or professional headshot focuses on the face and is usually taken from the chest or mid-torso up. Simply put, headshots are a visual representation of a person that other people can view when they look the person up on a website or social media, for instance, for hiring.

Your headshot is often your first impression, so you need to make the most of it when you are getting a headshot done – from what you wear to the backdrop – you need a headshot that best represents your personality and personal brand. Your headshot can make or break your chance in getting the job you want or closing a deal.

Great corporate headshots can truly help you stand above the rest in a competitive market. Professional headshots are not just any picture. To get photos that capture the essence of who you are and show you in a positive light, you need a professional photographer who specializes in corporate and event headshots, such as EA Photo in Maryland.

Today your online image is often the first thing a client or a potential employer is going to check out. Done professionally, you can post your headshot to your professional profiles and other marketing media.

Answer the following questions and share them with your photographer, for excellent headshots.

• What image do you want to project or message do you want to convey to your clients or future employers?
• What is your biggest asset in your market?
• What sets you apart from the rest of the competition?
• Do you want a headshot that conveys confidence and approachability or portray a go-getter attitude?

While the photo itself is important, it is the background that sets your headshot apart. Changing the background may lend an entirely different feel to your story. For example, you could choose between a solid background where you are the only subject or a busier background where you are the focal point.

Sometimes people ask for different variations of the headshot for different purposes. You can ask for a headshot with a simple white or gray background and also the same headshot superimposed on a digital background. If you have a favorite or a perfect shot, you can use it in different ways to customize it to suit different needs. It also means more value for your money!

If you are looking for the best event and corporate headshots in Maryland, call EA Photo, MD at 301-512-9182 or write to EA Photo is known for state-of-the-art event photography, exceptional headshots and portraits, innovative aerial shoots and ultra-high definition video production in Maryland.