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Movers International (Europe) Ltd is proud to announce that it is now able to offer storage facilities for families or businesses moving to Portugal. These are available as a result of agreements negotiated with our trade partners in both the Silver Coast and Algarve. Many British ex-pats move to these areas and some of them will need to store possessions while they house-hunt, or for other reasons.

Still the most popular area for Britons is the Algarve, and Movers International runs a service of Algarve removals Portugal approximately every other week. The vehicle usually leaves Preston on a Friday and boards a ferry from Portsmouth, arriving in Santander/Bilbao in Northern Spain on Sunday. From there, the vehicle makes the journey to the Algarve, stopping off to make deliveries as required, and continues down to the Algarve arriving on Thursday or Friday.

Some people, of course, are setting up a second home in the Algarve and buying new furniture in the UK. Movers International will accept deliveries of furniture from UK retailers at its’ premises in Preston and will store them for customers free of charge for up to one month. This service means that customers can purchase furniture from different outlets and have it all delivered to one place so that it can be shipped to the Algarve or the Silver Coast in one load. As advised, the load can be delivered to trade partners in either of these areas for further storage, or of course it can be delivered direct to the customers’ new property if it is ready to move in to.

While the Algarve is still the most popular area of Portugal for British ex-pats, the Silver Coast is fast catching up. Stretching from Lisbon up to the fishing town of Nazare – a distance of approximately 150 km – property prices are low, as is the cost of living. The area really opened up twenty years ago when the A8 motorway was opened which meant that the journey from Lisbon to the medieval walled village of Obidos – the most well-known town – was reduced to around 45 minutes.

The Silver Coast is not as warm as the Algarve, as the summer heat is cooled by the Atlantic currents, but it does provide spectacular water sports and surfing. Movers International is finding an increasing number of customers settling there.