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By using an IRA to purchase a property structured as a 1031 exchange, clients are able to save more because of the tax deferrals in place. 1031 Exchange Place helps clients with these purchases.

[MIDVALE, 4/5/2018]—To help clients make long-term investments that are more secure than other trading options, 1031 Exchange facilitates Real Estate IRA investments for clients interested in generating income while being sheltered from the volatility of the stock market.

Industry experts have observed that IRA real estate investments are more stable than traditional stocks, mutual funds, or bonds, and have the capacity of diversifying an investment portfolio.

What is an IRA?

IRA, or Investment Retirement Account, is a type of account that people can set up for their retirement. This investment is popular with a lot of people because IRA’s offer tax-free or tax-deferred growth. If an individual has enough funds in their IRA, they can use these to purchase real estate as a long-term investment option.

Using an IRA to invest in real estate heavily favors the individual, as the tax shields in place can defer a substantial amount of taxes during purchase and reinvestment.

How Does 1031 Exchange Place Help Clients?

1031 Exchange Place helps clients grow their IRA real estate investments by taking care of the paperwork required to classify the client’s real estate purchases as a 1031 exchange with the IRC. A 1031 exchange allows an investor to sell their property and reinvest the revenue in new real estate while deferring capital gains taxes.

While a 1031 exchange and IRA’s are tax-friendly towards investors, there are multiple criteria and rules that need to be followed to qualify.

1031 Exchange Place helps clients avoid heavy penalties and losses by providing expert advice from financial advisors to determine the eligibility of all real estate IRA transactions. The company also provides insights into finding the right real estate options for each client’s investment needs.

About 1031 Exchange Place

For over a decade, 1031 Exchange Place has been the leading provider of financial advice and knowledge in 1031 exchanges. Their in-house team of experts help clients navigate the intricate, and often difficult, rules and regulations regarding 1031 exchanges.

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